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Terms & Conditions

What is not included in the End of Lease Cleaning but can be included with extra cost

1. Kitchen and bathroom floor tiles grout cleaning not included. Bathroom shower/floor tiles grout in shower cabin is included.

2. We do not clean the ceilings. Brick walls cleaning is not included.

3. Balcony rubbish removal or pot removal or balcony tile grout cleaning not included.

4. Hard rubbish removal from property to outside of house/apt is not included due to council law restriction.

5. We do not clean curtains/fabric blinds, not even with extra cost.

6. Dishwasher is not included from inside. We only clean from outside.

7. All the quote given for fully Empty house. If your property is furnished then you need to inform in advance.We do not clean any other area except mentioned in End of Lease Cleaning and unless confirmed before the quotation given or work started.

8. We clean only inside the house unless/until asked to clean before quote and work started with confirmation of price. E.g Balcony cleaning/fridge cleaning/ garage cleaning/patio cleaning/balcony glass cleaning.

9. Garage Cleaning only includes sweep and cobweb removal. Garage cleaning do not includes wall mark removal, oil spot from the floor or scrubbing of the floor. we will not wash the garage clean.

10. We can clean anything (subject to terms & conditions) as per your requirements which are not included in the above End of Lease Cleaning with extra cost discussed prior to work start.

11. * Internal only for any windows above ground floor level-because of safety reasons.

12. We clean the blinds however if very old blinds or not working blinds or metals strip broken – we do not operate on them to prevent any further breakage unless the customer has asked to do so.

13. 50% payments must be in advance before starting the job and remaining 50% remaining payment at the time of completion of the job.